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“Before treatment at RHSC I had 2x week migraine headaches. I suffered from a lot of muscle aches- fibromyalgia. My neck always hurt because of a bone spur pressing on my nerves and it had made my shoulder ache too. I had whiplash twice in 15 years.”

“It is amazing how much better I’m feeling. I receive adjustments 2 x per week and use the de-compression machine for my neck 2x per week. The massage machines are very relaxing and help with the muscle stiffness. The wonderful adjustments have given me a full range of motion from left to right and the fibromyalgia muscle pain has decreased by 50%.”

“The staff is very courteous and helpful. The doctors are caring and supportive even when I was apprehensive to use the decompression machine. I’ve been to another chiropractor before RHSC who barely helped my condition. The Doctors here are very knowledgeable and talented. I highly recommend treatment.”


“I discovered Rochester Hills Spine care through my sister-in-law, who suffered from neck pain, and a cousin who suffered from severe back pain. Based on their personal experience, they convinced me to schedule a consultation with Dr. Prather.”

“I started treatments with Dr. Prather hoping to obtain relief from the pain I experienced from two (rear-end) car accidents.  I suffered from chronic neck pain (for 13 years) and restricted movement from a cervical fusion stemming from the first accident.  The second accident left me with additional neck and lower back pain. I was also experiencing pain in my left leg, and a non-stop pins and needles sensation in my left foot. “

“Prior to seeing Dr. Prather, I received physical therapy for approximately two hours a day, three days a week, for over a five month period.  My therapist informed me that my pelvis was rotated, and my sacrum was out of alignment. Their attempts to help only increased my pain and symptoms.”

“Within two weeks of treatment from Rochester Hills Spine Care, which consisted of decompression, manual adjustment, and massage therapy three days a week, my symptoms had decreased significantly.  It has now been about four weeks, and virtually all of the symptoms in my back, leg and foot are gone.”

“Due to my cervical fusion, Dr. Prather utilized safe, alternative techniques. The techniques have decreased my neck pain and dramatically increased my range of motion.  I am now able to look upwards and over both shoulders. “

“Dr. Prather displays a genuine concern for the well-being of his patients.  He has a great bed-side manner and is very passionate about getting you well.  His staff is professional, courteous, and they make your visits truly enjoyable.” 

“I highly recommend Rochester Hill Spine Care”



"Before I came to Rochester Hills Spine Care, I had intolerable lower back pain. The pain made it very difficult to care for and play with my two year old son. I immediately started decompression and felt relief within a few treatments. It is now 12 weeks later and I am completely pain free."

"My experience with Rochester Hills Spine Care has been amazing. Out of all the chiropractors I have been to, this is the best. I even drive 40 minutes just to get there. I have also referred many of my family members who love it there just as much."


"Before I started coming here, I was in constant pain all through my body, from the top of my head to the souls of my feet. I was to the point of not going out of my apartment unless I really had to, because I have to walk wherever I go and the more that I walked, the more it would hurt. No pain medication was working on me at all and I was really ready to die. Within a week's time of treatment and spinal decompression, I could (and do) feel a total transformation physically, mentally, and spiritually. I had been feeling terrible for over two years or more. I have been recommending Rochester Hills Spine Care to everyone I talk to."


"Before coming to Rochester Hills Spine Care I was in constant pain with my back and had seen several doctors with the outcome being surgery. Thanks to RHSC, my pain level has really decreased, allowing me to have a much better quality of life and I am sleeping a full night's sleep. I have seen several doctors, done physical therapy and also taken pain meds and steroid injections. Nothing helped until I started coming to the Rochester Hills Spine Care office. They have given me another chance at enjoying life."

"My experience was wonderful and I would love to come to them indefinitely. They have really helped to restore my quality of life and given me another chance at enjoying my life and being productive once again. I will forever be greatful and would recommend them to everyone. "

Art B.

"I have been a patient of Doctor Mark's for the past 8 months now. In the begining of the year, I had pains in my neck, shoulders arms and fingers for 13 weeks. After going to the regular doctor and getting x-rays, mri and pain meds and being told i could get steroid shots in my neck that MIGHT help the pain for some time of 1 week to 2 years or continue taking pain meds that only helped me sleep for 3 hours a night, I felt pretty hopeless. I found Dr. Mark and he took me under his care and to make a long story short - he has given me a pain free living once again! I am ever so grateful for his sincere concern and care that he has given me!!!! Without his help i would still be in pain everyday, getting no sleep and not being able to care for my young daughter the way a mother should - for all that I thank you, from the top to the bottom of my spine."

Anna M.